1. Hematocrit is a more reliable indicator of doping than V02 max tests. Let’s
    see pre-Dauphine and mid-TDF hematocrit levels for all WT pros.

  2. why do people care about doping,cykling is better with doping.I dont think
    people know what a clean sport looks like.its not cheating when everybody
    is doing it.the guy with the most talent win anyway and the public get
    better entertainment so its a win win with doping and I dont care if they
    dope as long as its good entertainment.

  3. Soooo…they released the data…except the data that matters. All anyone
    with a brain wants to see is the difference between pre/post transformation
    at the 2011 Vuelta. So they release data after the transformation and act
    like it means anything. Stinks to high heaven IMO. 

  4. from my gut hes lying… way too defensive and saying things he knows to be
    false, changing the topic when he doesnt like it all stinks. Sky would of
    done a vo2 max listen to greg lemond and other experts is the best piece of
    data in terms of indicating potential. If sky are claiming they are an
    incredibly well run team, then not doing a vo2 max is crazy.
    Secondly he said the uci did a to little to work out doping before…. no
    they actively tried to stop it coming out up till 2010 theres strong
    evidence of them supressing positive tests.
    Finally the worse thing is the sky doctor leinders is a doping doctor, they
    sacked him when it was publically revealed but one must of thought they
    would have known if you see the riders he was associated with. 

  5. So Brailsford (or another team official) receives a list of climbs and
    simply fills in Chris’ numbers? How is the data they give to the expert
    verified? Doesn’t sound as crystal as the initial reports on the process
    made it sound.

  6. which tells you the value of a vo2 max test!! this is an old test that was
    carried out before the science really kicked in. an interesting test would
    be to see how long he could hold his finger over a flame!! 🙂

  7. Comment below proves the point ,whatever sky do its never enough . Give the
    guy a break

  8. You don’t have to explain to those fools, apparently many don’t know great
    credentials of Dave Brailsford and his contribution to the Cycling sport. I
    think only Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich can rival him.

  9. I feel heartfelt sorrow for ,Chris Froome, healthy skepticism serves a
    purpose, but this has turned into a McCarthyist mentality that has the
    danger of turning the brightest moment into darkness. The lad has worked
    bloody hard and has suffered to achieve this magnificent moment in his
    career and for what? Suspicion and innuendo from a media who purport to
    love this beautiful and wonderful sport but are doing everything they can
    to to keep dragging it through the mud.

  10. so how can they verify them? on the flip side of that, we have “experts”
    working out theoretical values that have not had real world verification
    and yet from these figures people make assumptions/accusations. vo2 max
    figures are a waste of time, they prove nothing about a cyclists ability.
    success at that level is not about physiology, its mental toughness, the
    desire to go beyond the pain barrier and to keep going when its easier to
    stop. give the lad a break:)

  11. I don’t believe it is as simple as that. I was under the impression Sky had
    provided experts with their full SRM data, which – if you look at data they
    have previously made public such as Eisel’s from last years Giro on
    Training Peaks – is a full array of graphs and tables showing speed,
    elevation, power etc. for the duration of the day’s race. If that is the
    case it would be much more difficult to give false data for than just just
    filling in some numbers as you said.

  12. I think we are all sick of “YELLOW JOURNALISM” – Let’s keep YELLOW for the
    jerseys shall we!! WTG Team Sky!!!!

  13. I think I would ha e hit that particular reporter so well done for keeping
    your cool he simply didn’t listen to the answers as did not correspond with
    his preconceptions

  14. Well done Sir Dave for not twatty one of those reporters, tremendous self

  15. Froome has never done a vo2max test??? Are you f***** kidding me. This
    comes from a team which supposedly does everything that is scientifically
    possible to improve performance of its team.

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