1. Also with RadioShack-Leopard with Schleck, Kloden, Monfort, Horner,
    Gallopin and Zubeldia.

  2. #CritInter, Col de l’Ospedale (“4km”→”1km” [=3 km], 7.73 %, 232 m). Chris
    Froome: 7:54, 22.78 Kph, VAM 1762 m/h, 6.35 W/kg. vetooo ‏@ammattipyoraily
    #CritInter, Col de l’Ospedale (“4km”→”1km” [=3 km], 7.73 %, 232 m). Richie
    Porte: 7:48, 23.08 Kph, VAM 1785 m/h, 6.43 W/kg. Not even close to the 5,7
    you are stating 🙂 Can it be more obvious?

  3. With everything going on in professional cycling, Africans have no idea of
    the systematic doping and all that nonsense that’s been going on in Europe.
    This will be the saviour of cycling! I can’t wait to see more Africans and
    south Americans in professional cycling Christopher Froome might be a
    cheater (i hope he is not) nevertheless he will be the first African to win
    the most prestigious race :-). Ps: He was born, raised in Kenya and South
    Africa, plus his mom is African

  4. Hey Kazukrash 🙂 BIG THANK YOU for posting this coverage. Really
    appreciate it. Great job!! Chapeau, sir. Chapeau.

  5. if you believe froome dawg is clean then you just have to ask yourself a
    couple of simple questions. If he starts doping would he beat the record on
    every mountain? Is he already beating other dopers consistenly? How much
    would he beat them if he started doping like them? If he is clean then he
    is certainly one of the biggest talents in the history of the sport (see
    above), if so, why was he regarded as a bottom level pro until 2011?

  6. Could please explain these wattages of the past they are close to hitting?
    Are they doing 6.7W/kg for 40minutes at the end of a 200km stage? No. They
    are doing right now in these races in the region of 5.7W/kg. Difference
    between the winner and the chasers is usually about 0.8 at the moment. If
    you are doing to be try and made some points at least make sure they are
    valid and not parroted from elsewhere.

  7. It would have been more of a surprise if they hadn’t got a one-two as they
    are the best climbers there, and currently on good form. It would have been
    a different story if Rodríguez, Contador and Nibali were there. And because
    those guys are on different teams, it means they’re not cheating, right?
    Maybe the logic is to beat a clean cyclist you have to dope? So all clean
    cyclist are equally matched?

  8. I guess by that comment you are another uneducated small minded person who
    has never got up off your arse never mind ridden a bike you and people like
    you who make ridiculous comments are everything this sport doesn’t need
    crawl back in your cage

  9. you know all this by watching the highlights on itv4 do you or have you had
    some kind of crystal ball out again you should be put in the same trash bin
    as Armstrong

  10. SKY domination of Froome, Wiggins and Porte with Colombians Uran and Henao,
    Classicman Boasson and Thomas are the best ahead of SAXO-TINKOFF’s
    Contador, Kreuziger, Roche and Rogers with Sorensen and Hernandez that we
    will see a great battle between them in this year Tour de France. No one
    team will do a great but only Sky versus Saxo!

  11. im sorry but skys principal sponsor is the richest media corporation in the
    world. Any proceeds they make from team sky would be pennies to them. If
    you want to blame it on the principals on making money then you’re barking
    up the wrong tree.

  12. Its not my comments that aren’t needed people with critical thinking
    abilities should be welcomed into todays society. So I will return your
    comment with this and I’m not judging you as a person because we are
    obviously both into cycling so I’m sure we would get along. BUT in
    professional sport if you have one guy (chris froome) riding off the front
    after being a nobody in 2011 you have to ask some serious questions.

  13. Cant really believe this as being clean cycling, It’s Armstrong and US
    postal all over again….

  14. team sky is possibly the cleanest team in the sport today just look at
    there history and background there top riders have always had big engines
    [marginal gains my friend] clearly you now nothing about team sky or
    british cycling sour grapes and all that stuff comes to mind, i am proud to
    be a fan of team sky and proud to be british if the only way you can take
    us on is by casting doubt i suggest you have already lost my friend.

  15. Please explain to me how two mediocre riders (froome and Porte) get to
    become the cream of the crop in 2 years time? Because of training?
    Hahahaha. Very funny. Also naming Contador (a convited doper and cheater)
    is not going help your argument….. Also please expin to me how both
    riders are the only ones to come close to the speeds and wattage of
    cheaters in the past. Also please explain to me why they have docter
    Leinders? The same doc that has been named by lots of old Rabo people in

  16. I guess he is being ironic. Watching Froome riding hurts my eyes, I really
    hope he gets caught asap.

  17. Just because you ride sportive’s doesn’t make you an expert on the habits
    of pro tour riders. Oh ye and stop using the retard lock as if its use
    certifies your opinion, trolling is a slippery slope.

  18. Does not change the fact Froome (and a lot more mediocre riders) joined
    sky and now he/they are the top of the world. This because of their
    scientific way of training? So every cyclist in the sport of cycling has
    been doing it wrong and absolutely different in the past? Occam’s razor is
    the way to go.

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