1. Best bike racing commentary I have ever heard. You could work on TV easily!

  2. i haven’t been on a bike since i was 10 years old (almost 22 now) and your
    vids seriously inspire me to change that hmm

  3. Relying on the internal engine (heart, blood) goes back to Armstrong’s
    handlers and the fact that he didn’t have the leg muscle strength. Muscle
    strength had its own juice, but doesn’t using wattage rather than strength
    come with its own gear? Blood doping and EPO come to mind. Perhaps new
    means of internal engine doping have been found.? They’re always one step
    ahead of the testing.
    How do the techniques apply when they filter down to the club/recreational
    riders who aren’t using anything. Wattage and freewheel cogs for spinning
    or muscle strength and freewheels for grinding out strength? Go with the
    strengths of your own genetics or still focus on wattage?

  4. sorry, your predictions didn’t work. Froom is back home (he didn’t smash
    anyone but himself). and the cyclists you are calling idiots are still in
    the race, doing their job.

  5. Thanks for the video, never knew what exactly to observe while watching
    cycling (Tour De France or the Manayunk Wall here in Philly) Great
    Videos….What’s your take on Black, Brown or Red Rice?

  6. TDF is wide open. Froome getting preferential treatment via UCI old boys
    club, Contador close to his best. Talansky showing them the way! Game on!

  7. Anyone can do that with 8 hours a day on a bike and some healthy eating
    good genes and oh yeah a great supply of HGH and EPO they do it get over it
    different level my ass!

  8. Nibali is a very agressive rider usualy often attacking. He was going full
    bore on that climb I believe just to keep up. He couldn’t accelerate when
    froom went in the last km

  9. Froome’s got the legs but I feel like he’s not riding tactically smart. If
    he attacked at the foot of the climb and rode steady watt’s he’d have been
    less fatigued probably.

  10. It is obvious that the commentator is biased in his diatribes about high
    cadence. I enjoy his enthusiasm for high cadence, but ultimately it is just
    an opinion and not the truth.

  11. And I thought that Nibali was really good this year at TDF…I’ve changed
    my mind now after seeing this video :)

  12. +durianrider any chance on getting a video on whether you think Chris
    Froome is doing this clean? I have a good idea what your answer would be.
    Stages up date, it arrived in today’s post :-)First ride with power
    tomorrow morning!

  13. What’s your take on strength training for cyclists? E.g squats/deadlifts
    with low reps; whilst during a mainly aerobic phase of cycling during the
    British winter. Will extra strength help increase my threshold watts?

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