1. Froome is African just like Kevin Peterson, Trott and Prior in your cricket
    team. 8 of the British Lions were non British born. When are Britain going
    to produce some of their own sportsman instead of claiming all these

  2. You telling him he is African does not make him African. You should stick
    to your sport for gays, rugby.

  3. Chris Froome wins the Tour de France. well done to the Kenyan, Kenya will
    surley be delighted ! And well done to his Doctor for evading the doping
    police !

  4. You’re an idiot, you clearly just like to hate on Great Britain and its
    achievements. Get a life!

  5. You don’t need the question mark after your title anymore. My only question
    about Froome is this: IS HE CLEAN?

  6. It is kinda sad because Froome actually showed weakness for the first time
    in this stage because he didn’t have enough nutrition and really struggled
    for a while at the final climb. But nobody who was close to him in the
    rankings was able to take advantage of it. Froomes competition really is
    quite weak. I think the second best rider is probably Porte and he’s
    helping Froome so I’m not very hopefull we’ll see any real suspense.

  7. His dad is British his mother is kenyan i mean his mothers parents
    emigrated from England and moved to kenya were they gave birth to his
    mother blah blah alot more British blood then kenyan infact far more. So
    good job team sky another british winner and welldone to that Aussie on
    team sky

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