Chris Froome Softens His Stance On 2015 Tour de France

In the beginning Chris Froome was not keen on participating in the Tour de France of 2015. He did not seem much excited about riding in the race. When the route was announced last month he was not present and was thinking of not participating. His target was the tour of Spain and Italian tour in May.

It does not come to light that he has to skip the race which is going to take place in July next year. It is all the more disappointing as Froome is hailed as the favourite in this tournament and he is going to miss out on the events. Going by the interview of the Team Sky it seemed evident that he had plans of leading the team. Next year he wants to make a comeback with confidence. It is a motivating factor for him. He has liking towards completing the race and as quickly as possible. 2014 tour was abandoned by him as he was unable to participate with a hand that was broken and fractured at the same time.

He is ready to train for 2015 and wants to start off with new start. His tour of Kenya and South Africa were not up to the mark and hence he became disappointed. He wants to go in with a fresh mind and start the year with new vitality. He has some of the best feelings from the tour of Spain. The yellow jersey was grabbed by Nibali with a victory in 2014 which was dominant. Froome does not look happy with the tour as opposed to Nibali. He has his goals set for 2015 and after that he is looking forward at the Tour de France. He is happy with the tour and his performance so far though.