Chris Froome Declares Tour de France To Be His Target

To win the Tour de France is Chris Froome’s main target as he announced even though he left a hint that he will put efforts in other races too.

In 2013 October, he had hinted that he may give the 2015 race a miss to take a shot at Vueltaa España and Girod’Italia. He feels that both these races give a more balanced route perfectly suitable for his climbing skills and time trials.

The race to be held next year will only have 14 kilometers for individual time trial on the day it opens in Utrecht.

Chris has now confirmed that he has changed his mind in his personal website. He said that they had to priorities a few events over other events but even so, his main focus is going to be the Tour of 2015. He mentioned that participating in all three Grand Tours in one season has a different appeal but he has to work extremely hard as appearing in just two of them in a season is difficult enough.

He feels that the point of his career at which he is standing now, tour should be his priority. At some time the other races do seem important but for 2015 the only important thing is the Tour. Froome couldn’t defend his title when he withdrew at the fifth stage last year due to a few crashes that fractured his wrist. The title was claimed by Vincenzo Nibali of Italy.

Froome is now training before the new season starts and he has returned after completing in second position at Vuelta. Alberto Contador of Spain claimed first position. Chris’s next target is Rutadel Sol that is to be held on 18th February and that will be his first race for 2015.