Wiggins and Froome

Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins spoke with a French reporter, regarding the preparation for the Tour de France’s 100th edition. Froome said that he did not concentrate much on the Tour. He was followed up by a laughing Wiggins saying that it’s going to spoil all parties of the year.

Knowing about the dynamics between these two cyclists, Froome admits that he has to play the second fiddle along with Wiggins. It seems that Chris Froome knows about it. The French reporter continued to ask more questions. He asked to Wiggins about the cycling training during the winter, Wiggins said that he was the one who did all the hard work in a lighter sense.

According to their plan, it was Froome who will concentrate on winning the Tour de France, and Wiggins will concentrate on lifting the Giro D’Italia championship during the month of May. Wiggins said that he will rejoice on Froome wining the Tour de France.

Both Wiggins and Froome differ in their personalities. Froome seems to be a man on his own. Froome is around 27 years while Wiggins is at 32. During morning training session, both of them have their own way of training, Wiggins will never mind the harsh weather and go for a 3 hour outdoor training. But Froome will prefer to have a cycling on the machine at that time.

Recently Team Sky members are pushing Wiggins to take part in Tour de France, which is going to happen before Giro D’Italia championship. But Wiggins has decided to leave out Tour championship to Froome. Wiggins insisted to win all the cycling championship and not only to win the Tour de France. He has left the cycling’s greatest race to his teammate. This is the best time for Froome to win this year’s Tour de France.